Open Mics& Sanctuaries


R and P

Church is not a building…

…a structure with high ceilings, stained glass, pews, and offering baskets. Church is a fellowship of people who have decided to be honest with the state of their spirit. Church is when people get together and connect about the things that matter the most to them.

I first found “church” in the more traditional house of God, with pews and stained glass. But, as I grew, I found fellowships outside of that building that we more whole and more honest. I grew into learning to build a personal relationship with God and fellowship about it honestly more so when I left the traditional building of Church.

For me,

poetry has housed my deepest prayers and open mics have aroused my strongest courage. Open mics have been a space where I have come to know the spirit of God in myself by sharing my experience of divinity, a place where I have listened to others share, and a place where I can laugh, cry and make friends.

So grateful for the community &…

…the griots that maintain the open mics that have become sanctuaries for me.

Sacramento, CA


Mahogany Urban Poetry Series

Hosts: Varies by night- Khiry Malik, NSAA

Every Wednesday Night @9pm til 1am @QueenOfSheba Restaurant

Cost: 5$

Rhythm and Poetry

Hosts: Graffiti Bleu and Dyva Cat Tina Cates

Ever Thursday Night @7:45-10:30 @The Brazilian Cultural Center

Cost: 7$


Host: ZFG Promotions, Sol Collective

2nd Sundays @8pm @Sol Collective

Cost: 5$

Davis, CA

  • SickSpits Spoken Word Collective
  • Andy Jones Poetry Series
  • UCDavis’s SoulSpeaks



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